KeraStraight Moisture Mist


Just like our skin, hair needs moisture.

No one wants to take hair care advice from a scarecrow. Dry and damaged hair is not fun.

Dry hair can be caused by a combination of factors, but it’s mostly due to over treating the hair (either with chemicals or colouring) or applying heat regularly (yes, I’m looking at you GHD fanatics!)

I use to literally singe my hair with how often I straightened it back in high school! I didn’t even straighten it very well and sometimes (SHOCK HORROR) I straightened my hair damp! D:

I recommend you never do this. Not only do you get that little 70’s flick at the ends (NOT COOL) it really does damage your hair like no one’s business.

These days, thankfully, I use a lot less heat on my hair. I tend to just blow dry my hair as it’s quite thin and looks better with a bit of volume to it.

This Moisture Mist by KeraStraight has been a real winning product for my locks. In the bottle it looks like a thick cream but when sprayed it is a light mist that can be applied to hair before styling to introduce instant hydration. It can also be applied to dry curly hair to add definition, texture and shine, taking out any frizz and leaving you with bouncy, conditioned curls.

Moisture Mist has amazing hold which leaves the hair beautifully soft without that crunchy feel we all know hairsprays can give us!

This product is a master of all trades. It detangles as well as add’s light weight moisturise which is perfect for all hair types and can be used in conjunction with other KeraStraight styling products as it won’t make the hair heavy. It contains UV and heat protection so is a fantastic product if you want a simple routine and don’t want so many products.

What hair type can use this?

This product is fantastic for most hair types but those with chemically processed or damaged hair would benefit most from using Moisture Mist.

How should I apply it?

You can spray the Moisture Mist close to the hair for more concentration or six inches away for a lighter mist or add to dry hair to add shine to any style, curly or straight.

I’d recommend this to anyone who find’s styling their hair a choir in the morning as it really does detangle unmanageable manes and is just such a perfect treatment if you find your hair looks or feels damaged.

The Moisture Mist is usually £19.50 for 250ml but currently has 25% off on! So, as Gwen Stefani would say, what you waiting for?

Have you tried any KeraStraight Style Products? Let me know what you think!

Georgia XO

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The Ultimate Oil

Hair oil has quickly become one of the most popular hair care products for woman on the go.

Not everyone has time to use various products in their hair in the mornings, yet we still want manageable and healthy hair that shines like the side of the Shard.

And so, Hair Oil was the modern woman’s saviour. A conditioning treatment applied before heat, it could transform the condition and add moisture into hair damaged by the application of heat (Straighteners and Hair Dryers) and everyday pollution.

All hail!

However, anyone who has thin or oily hair knows the struggle is real when it comes to applying oil to the hair.

Some hair oil, such as Moroccan Oil, tend to have amazing results, yet are very heavy, weighing the hair down. People who have oily hair may also be sceptical about the use of these products, for fear they may look like Greasy Mc Grease Ball from the Planet of Greaseatron.

But, my friends, for those people out there I say to you, the ‘Ultimate Oil’ is your answer!

Created by the mastermind’s at KeraStraight, the Ultimate Oil is kind of like the older, more sassy and successful big sister of all other hair oils. Think of it as a metaphor for Beyonce. It’s lightweight and easily absorbs rather then sitting on the hair’s surface. It also smells like what I can imagine a holiday in Bali with Tom Hardy smells like (not sweaty obviously… I meant like a dream…Ok, probably not the best comparison)

It does smell gorgeous though. I have my own father and cat to vouch for that! (My cat doesn’t wear the oil obviously, but he is obsessed with the smell for some bizarre reason!?!?!)

The fact it doesn’t weigh down the hair is a BIG bonus for hair similar to mine as well. I have quite flat, thin hair at times so using excessive products can sometimes bring my mane down like a night out in my home town.

So, what makes it so special? I hear you ask!

Unlike other oils on the market which contain one or two essential oils, KeraStraight’s luxurious Ultimate Oil contains 9 oils, all with different, unique long term benefits to the hair.

Argan and Coconut Oil provide deep nourishment to the hair.

Jojoba and Avacado Oil (mmm, that makes me hungry) give the hair light weight moisture.

Macadamia and Olive Oil seal the hair with shine.

Linseed, Wheat Germ and Sunflower strengthen hair.

How do I use it?

Apply the oil to damaged areas of the hair (mid section to the ends of the hair, not the roots unless you dig the fringe look)

You can use the oil in a number of different ways. You can use it after washing the hair and before drying/applying heat.

Ultimate Oil can also be applied after drying to add extra shine and combat frizzy fly aways.

Another great way of using the oil is as a night treatment and in conjunction with the KeraStraight Mostuire Mask or your hair conditioner to add lots of moisture to dry, damaged hair.

This is a new hair staple for me. It’s completely transformed the condition of my locks and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for healthy, manageable hair.

Because you can mix up KeraStraight Style products, this Oil can be used in conjunction with the KS Moisture Mist, which is amazing for dry hair lacking shine and nourishment.

Where can I buy Ultimate Oil?

You can buy KeraStraight Ultimate Oil in your nearest KeraStraight Salon or at LookFantastic

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The Buzz About KeraStraight (All you need to know)

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of the British hair brand KeraStraight, let me just say this, you are missing out BIG TIME!

KeraStraight are a UK based company, founded and created by Jez Barnett (a former hair dresser, so he knows his stuff!)

They specialise in straightening Brazilian hair treatments, which unlike similar products, are accessible for all hair types.

So where did it all start?

It was an bad experience with a previous keratin treatment that really kick started Jez’s plans for world domination in 2008, when the development of the product began and the launch a year later. He was looking for a treatment which not only would straighten the hair, but would simultaneously repair. It was innovative to say the least, since most hair straightening products (or relaxers as many know them) before this time had been extremely damaging to the hair, completely altering the hair type.

‘I read about this new treatment in America that sounded incredible as it straightened and repaired at the same time. Trouble was I couldn’t find a company that could pass the necessary UK/EU health & safety standards. So, I made contact with a factory in Brazil and together over the following year we created our 1st KeraStraight treatment and launched in March 2009.

Earlier Brazilian Keratin Treatments contained contained formaldehyde above the legal 0.2% EU allowance, which are associated with negative side effects and ill health.

KeraStraight is completely chemical free and so safe that it can be used on woman during their pregnancy.

So, how does it work?

Our hair’s natural composition is mainly made up of Keratin. Keratin is a protein which contains 16 different amino acids that repeat and interact with one another. These amino acids serve as the building blocks for proteins and therefore are extremely important.

KeraStraight is created when the amino acid Cysteine is added to the existing protein molecules. This forms a semi-permanent patch across your hair’s inner structure which in turn creates a new shape.

Because KeraStraight doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients that structurally alter or damage the hair, it is safe to use on all hair types and is great for those who are conscious about the ingredients within their beauty products.

Health and Safety is at the forefront of every single product KeraStraight creates, from it’s infamous KS Ultimate to it’s style products, as scientists work to provide not only the best results but products that are safe for both hair stylist and their client.  All ingredients have been rigorously sourced and tested so that they comply to all health and safety laws, setting the standard for the future of the industry.

Some of the Key Ingredients in KeraStraight include;




and of course, the most important, KS Complex.

These ingredients help to smooth and straighten hair as well as repair damage that may have been produced by excessive heat application, hair colouring or chemical processes.

Who is KeraStraight for?

In one word, EVERYONE.

The amazing thing about KeraStraight is that it is universal, allowing anyone who dislikes the condition and natural state of their hair to achieve amazing results.

There are a range of hair problems that can be fixed by KS Ultimate:

Hard to manage

Takes too long 

Dry and Damaged 



All these hair issues can be rectified with the use of KeraStraight treatments.

The only thing to remember is that if you have coloured hair that is extremely porous, KeraStraight can sometimes reduce the tone and intensity of your hair colour. In this case, it’s best to have your colour done 2 days after your treatment.

How long will it last?

The results of KeraStraight lasts up to 4 months in the hair before it fades. You can have the treatment re-applied after a 30 day period.

How long does the process take?

Unlike other keratin straightening treatments, KeraStraight is relatively quick and extremely easy to apply. It takes around 2 to 3 hours depending on your hair’s length. Hair can also be shampooed after 30 minutes (some similar treatments have to be left in the hair for 3 days!) so it’s a lot less effort.

When you leave your salon, ask for the KeraStraight Straight Maintain Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain your gorgeous hair!

This treatment is loved and praised by professional hair stylists across the world and is great for anyone who wants gorgeous hair made easy.

If you love the sound of this treatment, take a look at KeraStraight’s Salon Finder to find your nearest KS salon.

Georgia XO



The Intense Boost Experience

Weak and damaged. No, I’m not talking about your ex, I’m talking bout your hair!

Not specifically your hair obviously. Your’s might be really shiny and healthy! But for those that aren’t so lucky, Intense Boost in the way forward.

The 30 minute treatment created by KeraStraight is one of the most popular hair treatments around. It’s an intense conditioning and repairing treatment that lasts up to 30 days, producing renewed, repaired and re-hydrated hair from the inside out. It’s perfect for anyone who finds that their dry and damaged hair ruins their mornings.

I don’t know about you, but shiny, healthy looking hair has always been a goal for me so when I was offered the chance to try out the treatment, I jumped at it!

Intense Boost was formulated to work alongside KeraStraight’s better known KS Ultimate treatment to add extra moisture and shine to the hair. It’s a great stand alone treatment also and can also be used after coloring your hair (which is great for anyone who bleaches their hair and finds their hair feels/looks very dry and damaged).

I had the treatment by itself. What’s so fantastic about this treatment is it uses two of KeraStraight’s existed products, the protein and moisture mask, to create amazing results. This means that you can purchase the masks from a KeraStraight stockists to use at home and can prolong healthy hair for even longer!

These two elements to the treatment both offer different benefits but when put together, give the best results.

The Protein Boost is what strengthens the hair with added softness. It uses an advanced blend of hydrolyzed wheat proteins which deliver the strength and repair the hair from the inside out.

The Moisture Boost delivers the lightweight hydration to the hair for luxurious shine.

I got my Intense Boost done at WOW hairdressers, Bedfordshire and the whole experience was really lovely! It’s certainly worth adding another 30 minutes to your average cut and blow dry next time you go to the hair dressers. Here’s a run down of what to expect when you get an Intense Boost:

The Treatment Process

Stage One: 

First of all, your hair will be washed with Pre-Treatment Cleanser twice. Unlike your average shampoo, this deep cleans your hair (think face cleansers) and takes out any existing product build up. It also opens up the hair cuticles which makes it easier for the treatment  to penetrate into the hair and also softens it so it is prepped for the next stage.

Stage Two:

The hair is then sectioned and the treatment is applied to each part of the hair.

Stage Three:

This is where the science happens. The treatment is dried into the hair 100% with a rough blow dry (it can be straightened into the hair as well) which seals and locks the product into the hair. The protein boost has a ‘popcorn effect’- a built in cortex created as hair dries to 100 per cent stage.

Stage Four: 

The hair is then rinsed thoroughly.

Stage Five: 

The hair is styled to your choice. I like big, bouncy hair so volume is a must. Gina, Business Development Manager at KeraStraight, applied my treatment and styled me hair and BOY was I pleased with the results:


My hair has never looked so healthy and revitalized! I thought that hair this shiny and manageable wasn’t as accessible as the magazines make out until I had this treatment. I just can’t put into words how pleased I am with the results.

The treatment itself is worth £30 which is an investment when you think that the treatment lasts 30 days, leaving your hair as silky smooth and shiny as the girls on the front of the hair magazines!

Your dream hair is actually possible with this treatment. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to give their hair an extra ‘boost’, regardless of whether your hair is currently damaged or dry. This treatment makes the world of difference and I can honestly say my hair has never looked so good! No more frizz and more manageable locks are always a bonus in my eyes!

Check the Salon Finder on the KeraStraight website for your nearest KS Salon:


Georgia xo