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An Open Letter to David Cameron (Cuts to the Arts)


Dear David Cameron

There was once a point, which seems many moons ago as I write this letter, that I could say I respected you.

When you first become the leader of the Conservatives in 2005, you stood out from the mundane leaders who appeared to be a normality in the Houses of Parliament.

You spoke up when other’s were too timid to say how they felt. You were articulate and well mannered. You often said what other people thought. But most importantly, you understood some of the hardships that life often throws at us due to your own personal adversities.

Yet, since you came into power in 2010, my respect for you has somewhat dwindled. I see a man who no longer cares for the people he says he speaks for.  I just see a man driven by his own ambitions and personal gain.

Born into wealth.

It wasn’t something you asked for. We don’t choose the life we are born to. You were born to privilege and wealth, the offspring of a stock broker and former Justice of Peace, and you would never want for anything. You were granted a life that many people could only dream of being able to give their children.

As I have stated, this is not an issue. We all know that if given the opportunity for such a lifestyle we would take it no questions asked. Parents only want the best for their children after all.

Due to your hierarchy, you received a quality education that allowed you to speak eloquently, giving you a platform in which to project your voice and be listened to by others, a privilege that many vulnerable and less fortunate members of society do not have.

Your education consisted of highly prestigious private schools. You were enroled at the well known Eton college before obtaining a degree at the Brasenose College, Oxford, in the academic subjects of Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

I can’t begin to imagine how much money was invested into your education. But it was all worth it in the end as you were to become the youngest prime minister in history.

Academically you excelled. No amount of money in the world could have made you intelligent if you didn’t have the brain to start with. There is no denying your intelligence. No one could take that away by stating that you only got that degree because of your background.

But it’s the harsh reality of the situation that you were given a step up to that outcome. A farmer cannot sow the fields if he has not been given the right tools to do so.

The problem is, it’s not all black and white

Many people in the UK have not been given the tools to achieve their potential. Whether they were failed by the education system or were born to pursue very different skills, they are not considered academic.

I myself was not necessarily academic within my school years. Tests were not my favourite and I was always quite confused as to how a years worth of learning can be crammed into an hours worth of exam. Teachers did little to push me or see my potential. I was amazing at English but almost every other subject I feel short in. It’s not that I didn’t want to learn. I just felt unmotivated. I had not really found my path. I was a little lost and like most young people, was made to feel as though I had failed.

It wasn’t until I took the decision to attend a college that I really found where my talents laid.

I enroled on a Creative Media course back in 2011. Initially, I was drawn to it due to my interest in Journalism, but I soon saw that this was the industry I was meant for. For the first time in my life, I was encouraged and motivated. I had teachers who saw my potential and inspired me to reach my goals. It was rather funny as I later found out that the majority of my mum’s side of the family worked in the media industry some way or another. It was obviously a calling.

If I had not had that opportunity to go to college and study media, I would have never guessed what potential I had. My creativity would have been stunted. I would have felt like a lot of young people feel nowadays, hopeless.

I wasn’t as academic as you David. But I found my vocation.

Sadly, you are slowly taking away that opportunity for young people and adults across the country, destroying ambitions and leaving people confused as to where they belong.

The Soul Destroying Cuts to Arts.

Your Government have already started the ball rolling of what will become one of the worst decision you have ever made.

You’ve made cuts to the Fashion Design Department of my local college, Central Beds. There have also been cuts to the same department in Barnfield College. Rumour has it there will also be cuts to the Performing Arts, a devastating blow to both tutors and students.

You say you want to continue to bring down youth unemployment. This only shows that you are moving backwards. You’ve taken away the options of young people. Young people who are looking to take different paths away from more academic studies will be left disheartened. Jobs within creative arts will start to dwindle or become more elite. Those less wealthy won’t have the chance to obtain placements or interns in creative industries if they do not have the qualification.

You were lucky enough to have many things handed to you on a plate David. You do not know the struggle of trying to find where you fit in or feeling like a misfit in a society where you ‘should’ know where you want to be in 5 years time.

Please think about the choices you are making.

Don’t leave young people across the UK lost and uncertain of their future.



Why the Women’s Equality Party should matter to everyone!


Back in the late 19th to early 20th century, an incredibly powerful and vicious war was being waged.

There wasn’t a weapon in sight, but hundreds of innocent people were injured and mistreated for standing up against discrimination. It sounds like I might be describing a scene from a vicious world war film. But this was the reality for a number of woman who dared to speak up against the state and act as a voice for long suffering woman throughout the United Kingdom, individuals who had their voices muted, woman who had for so long believed that their society, tainted by unfairness, was the only way to live.

The suffragette’s were a group containing many of the strongest woman this country have ever seen. They fought long and hard for woman’s right to a vote. They fought for woman’s rights to choose. They were imprisoned and force fed during hunger strikes. And all at the hands of a male dominant Government who may have expected woman to stay ‘back in the kitchen where they belonged’.

Finally, in 1918, woman over the age of 30 with property could vote. It was a step in the right direction.

So,  you wouldn’t blame me for being rather perplexed as to why, after all this hard work and supposed win for ‘equality’ within our modern day democratic state, woman are still fighting tirelessly for the right to be seen equally.

Reports show that our little island has in fact, the SIXTH largest pay gap in the whole of the EU. Females are also the least represented in our Government despite obtaining a majority within our country, with a mere 143 politicians out of a staggering 650 being female.

And there was me thinking we were lucky to have as many rights as we do…

But times are changing. The wheel has been set in motion for what could be and should be a complete reform of our political system here in the UK.

Welcome Sandi Toksvig OBE, writer and presenter known by many for her Radio 4 show and quiz show ‘Fifteen to One’ on Channel 4.

2015 sees the launch of a party founded by Toksvig after the presenter left her radio show to support it’s initial lift off.

The Women’s Equality Party

It’s creation comes after much humour on Sandi part regarding the current state of our Politics.

“I’ve made jokes over and over again about politics. Do you know, this election I’m had enough”

It seems that this single-issue party, with the goal of producing a society with equality for all, has been a long time coming.

The Women’s Equality Party will strive for the benefit of all.

You might be fooled into believing, as it’s name states, that this party will only matter to those who identify themselves as female. But the inequality that we see all around us is at the expense of all. It’s a fight for all.

The party aims to tackle issues such as the current Gender Pay Gap and the lack of representation within politics, which will be a success for all, not least the woman of the 1968 Ford Sewing Machinist Strike who triggered the Equal Pay Right back in the 1970’s, an act that ‘prohibits favourable treatment between men and woman’ apparently… (Watch the Made in Dagenham film if you want to know more!)

This is a party which will hold it’s own as it stands between larger, more establish parties with men at the forefront.

We have already seen a change in our political systems face when this year, we saw three female politicians represent political parties during televised debates. This could be the push our country needs for reform.

Until we have equal rights for both men and woman, we can’t say we are truly a democratic country, nor a country of free speech. Change of this kind paves the way for equality for all minorities.

Men who look to take on the role of stay at home fathers would be better off. Higher job roles would see more competition and better candidate selections if all candidates, regardless of sex, were treated equally.

Working woman would no longer have to worry about the struggle of maternity leave. All human beings would stand the same.

This is important for all, not just woman.

So regardless of who you are or your interest in politics, read more about The Women’s Equality Party. The party hopes to field candidates in 2020 so there are lots of opportunities for everyone to get involved. Many woman and men have already stood up to support them. So let your voice be heard because god knows, woman over the years have fought hard enough for that right.

Georgia XO

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*SPOILER ALERT* You are an arse. (5 hints you are a Show Spoiler)


When I’m scrolling down my Facebook feed on a Monday morning, happily absent minded as I pass the life story statuses of people I do not care for and the dozens of selfies taken by a girl who pretty much looks exactly the same in every image, my scrolling often comes to an abrupt halt when my eyes fall upon a Game of Thrones post.

It’s almost as though I go into auto pilot. The first few times I didn’t see it coming when I aimlessly clicked the post and arrived at the comments section. But there they were, clear as day and not to be unseen. Spoiler alerts, spoiler alerts EVERYWHERE.

First of all, heads up to Entertainment Weekly and Vanity Fair amongst other American based entertainment publishers, Game of Thrones isn’t released in the UK until Monday evening, so when you post your detailed content about EVERYTHING that happened on the show Sunday night, please put a spoiler alert at the start. Also, those that comment on these posts, also understand that if I pass this post and you’ve written ‘OH MY WORD THO, WHEN SO AND SO DIED AND OMG AND DO YOU BELIEVE THAT SO AND SO MADE MAD LOVE TO THIS PERSON’ you’ve pretty much ruined my entire week.

After having the show ruined for me a few times when accidentally viewing the comments section, I grew wise and decided to scroll right past these posts on the Monday morning. That is until some of these sites began putting spoilers in the actual titles??!?!!?

And then there had to be the jack arses who couldn’t wait another day and would watch the new episode a day before it’s UK release before posting their opinions all over Facebook… Yep, I might as well just not watch the show and read your lengthy Facebook synopsis!!!!

Many of my favourite shows have been ruined thanks to these people we call the ‘Show Spoilers’

Like the time I found out Bob was dead in WD a day before the show even aired!

The truth of the matter is, many of these people don’t know they are spoilers. They just think there having a good time posting all about their favourite show.


*calms self down* I’m going to share 5 subtle hints which will allow you to see if you are a show spoiler and some advice on how to stop your wicked ways.

1. You’re updating your status before a character’s even had a chance to drop to the ground with that arrow in his head. 

We get it, your impatient and can’t contain your emotions. But please, if your watching the show a day before it’s release, keep your social media mouth shut and wait at least a day after the general release to tell everyone how utterly depressed your are.

2. You’re literally running into work the next day to discuss why character A turned out to be character B’s killer. 

Let’s just accept the fact your colleagues think your a twat. If they start off the conversation with ‘Oh I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet’ sit in your little corner and reflect, do not continue to tell them how shocked you are at the episode!

3. You shake your head like the dog from the Churchill advert when someone back in Season 1 tells you how much they love a character. 

We get it, you know he meets his demise in season three but you don’t have to sit there with a smug look on your face like you’ve signed a secrets act of something before hinting continuously that the actor isn’t in season 2.

4. You discuss the latest episode plot with your friend in a public place. 

Yes, I doubt that old lady at the back even knows what Penny Dreadful is (She probably thinks it’s one of those wiper snapper rappers) but if I’m sitting next to you and your pals on the bus and you start discussing every detail, I’m going to come up there and call your mum to ask her why she birthed such an arsehole.

5. Your posting pictures of characters on Instagram with VERY OBVIOUS plot hints. 

You might like having lots of followers, but that will all be but a dream if you continue with your behaviour!

Always put a SPOILER alert before your posts. If it’s clearly visible to all (aka a tweet) just don’t write anything…

Don’t talk about it in public unless you’ve checked everyones seen it.

It’s that simple.

Everyone is in too much of a rush nowadays. As my old pals Take That would say, ‘Have a little patience’

Learn from mistakes. Be a Ned Stark, not a Ramsey Bolton.