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It’s OK to have a Bad Day!

I don’t think you should try to be anything you’re not. If you’re not smiling all the time or always happy – I don’t think it matters. If you’re having bad day, show you’re having a bad day. Don’t try to put up something that’s fake.

Wise words by Elle Fanning.
There are 365.25 days in a year. Yet we as human beings have some expectation that people should be happy all the time. It’s an unrealistic expectation and the reason why many people hide the way they feel.

I don’t like being judged by people at the best of times. But if your judging me for having a bad day, then you can royally do one!

Life isn’t a Disney film. We don’t jump straight out of bed in the mornings with a nauseatingly wide smile on our faces and singing the praises of the upcoming day. I’m certainly more Eeyore and Grumpy then Tiger and Happy most days. And on these days, I honestly couldn’t give two fig rolls what anyone thinks.

It’s still a sad indictment of our society though when people place judgement upon someone for not acting as though they are in a good mood.

The truth of the matter is, we don’t know about other people’s lives. We don’t know what might be causing them to feel the way they do. A break up? A loss? Or maybe they’ve just woken up on the wrong side of bed?

At the end of the day, we have the right to have a bad day, regardless of what anyone else says. And we shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for that. It’s our right, our prerogative to be a miserable bastard once and a while.

SO, as Elle said, there is no need to be fake. If you want to sit in the corner and not speak to anyone for the rest of the day, do it. What anyone else thinks of you is none of your business.

I thought I’d add some words of advice for those having a bad day as well, which will hopefully make your day a bit better.

Positive People 

Surround yourself with them. They will keep you on the right path and we allow you to put things into perspective. Unless they are those really overly positive people who see a good side to everything who make you want to slap them with a wet fish.

The Small Things Matter 

Happiness can be found in the smallest of things. A cup of tea and a custard cream. A smiling stranger. A bird singing. Make yourself more mindful to the things you may not notice on a day to day basis. They could the very thing that brings a smile to your face.

Peace and Quiet 

Sometimes you’ve just got to take a few minutes out of a mad day to hear yourself think and take some time for yourself.


99.7% of the time, chocolate makes your day better.

If all else fails, go back to bed and try again tomorrow!



The Buzz About KeraStraight (All you need to know)

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of the British hair brand KeraStraight, let me just say this, you are missing out BIG TIME!

KeraStraight are a UK based company, founded and created by Jez Barnett (a former hair dresser, so he knows his stuff!)

They specialise in straightening Brazilian hair treatments, which unlike similar products, are accessible for all hair types.

So where did it all start?

It was an bad experience with a previous keratin treatment that really kick started Jez’s plans for world domination in 2008, when the development of the product began and the launch a year later. He was looking for a treatment which not only would straighten the hair, but would simultaneously repair. It was innovative to say the least, since most hair straightening products (or relaxers as many know them) before this time had been extremely damaging to the hair, completely altering the hair type.

‘I read about this new treatment in America that sounded incredible as it straightened and repaired at the same time. Trouble was I couldn’t find a company that could pass the necessary UK/EU health & safety standards. So, I made contact with a factory in Brazil and together over the following year we created our 1st KeraStraight treatment and launched in March 2009.

Earlier Brazilian Keratin Treatments contained contained formaldehyde above the legal 0.2% EU allowance, which are associated with negative side effects and ill health.

KeraStraight is completely chemical free and so safe that it can be used on woman during their pregnancy.

So, how does it work?

Our hair’s natural composition is mainly made up of Keratin. Keratin is a protein which contains 16 different amino acids that repeat and interact with one another. These amino acids serve as the building blocks for proteins and therefore are extremely important.

KeraStraight is created when the amino acid Cysteine is added to the existing protein molecules. This forms a semi-permanent patch across your hair’s inner structure which in turn creates a new shape.

Because KeraStraight doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients that structurally alter or damage the hair, it is safe to use on all hair types and is great for those who are conscious about the ingredients within their beauty products.

Health and Safety is at the forefront of every single product KeraStraight creates, from it’s infamous KS Ultimate to it’s style products, as scientists work to provide not only the best results but products that are safe for both hair stylist and their client.  All ingredients have been rigorously sourced and tested so that they comply to all health and safety laws, setting the standard for the future of the industry.

Some of the Key Ingredients in KeraStraight include;




and of course, the most important, KS Complex.

These ingredients help to smooth and straighten hair as well as repair damage that may have been produced by excessive heat application, hair colouring or chemical processes.

Who is KeraStraight for?

In one word, EVERYONE.

The amazing thing about KeraStraight is that it is universal, allowing anyone who dislikes the condition and natural state of their hair to achieve amazing results.

There are a range of hair problems that can be fixed by KS Ultimate:

Hard to manage

Takes too long 

Dry and Damaged 



All these hair issues can be rectified with the use of KeraStraight treatments.

The only thing to remember is that if you have coloured hair that is extremely porous, KeraStraight can sometimes reduce the tone and intensity of your hair colour. In this case, it’s best to have your colour done 2 days after your treatment.

How long will it last?

The results of KeraStraight lasts up to 4 months in the hair before it fades. You can have the treatment re-applied after a 30 day period.

How long does the process take?

Unlike other keratin straightening treatments, KeraStraight is relatively quick and extremely easy to apply. It takes around 2 to 3 hours depending on your hair’s length. Hair can also be shampooed after 30 minutes (some similar treatments have to be left in the hair for 3 days!) so it’s a lot less effort.

When you leave your salon, ask for the KeraStraight Straight Maintain Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain your gorgeous hair!

This treatment is loved and praised by professional hair stylists across the world and is great for anyone who wants gorgeous hair made easy.

If you love the sound of this treatment, take a look at KeraStraight’s Salon Finder to find your nearest KS salon.

Georgia XO



5 Reasons Why You Should Vote in the General Election

When I was surveying Facebook today, I came across a discussion between some Facebook friends about voting in the upcoming 2015, General Election (Thanks for the inspo, Alice and Taylor!)

I realised that a lot of young people in this country probably won’t turn up to vote. Maybe 30 per cent of people won’t vote due to lack of education and knowledge about our political system. But the majority will probably be people generally believing they’d be better off NOT voting.

This is an insane prospect to me, and I can’t seem to get my head around the idea that anyone would think that abstaining from voting will somehow change British Politics for the better.

So I’ve created a post of 5 reasons why you should vote in the General Election.

You can’t mope unless you vote!

You don’t really have much of an argument on your hands if you haven’t actually bothered to educate yourself about the political parties, their manifestos and actually gone out to vote. It’s like moaning about a giraffe standing in front of your garden gate. The solution may not be straight forward and you may not get the results you desire, but at least you went out and tried to change the situation rather then being a moaning myrtle. Complaining about something isn’t going to do anything. It’s counterproductive and negative. Be the change you want to see. Every vote counts.

You are lucky enough to have a voice, use it!

We are extremely lucky in this country to have a democracy and have done for hundreds of years (technically, we have a thousand year history but woman weren’t allowed to vote till 1918 so it doesn’t count). Many countries, due to Dictatorship or Authoritarianism, do not allow their people freedom of speech and movement. We are probably one of the only countries where people can speak freely without fear of retribution. Young people in the UK have a say in how their future is shaped. We don’t always get our way, but the majority opinion overalls and most of the time, all is fair and just (I’m looking at you Cam for those exorbitant tuition fee -.-) So please understand how fortunate we are to be able to have a say in who runs are country, as many other young people do not.

You’ll Make A Change, No Matter How Small

Basically, don’t do a Russell Brand 

As much as his hair is awesome and he is quite dishy to look at, Brand’s idea for change is to encourage people to not vote at all. And what good does that do? It’s pretty much like not turning up to your GCSE exams as a protest against the education system. You aren’t going to benefit from it. You have to be in the race to have a chance at winning. The same goes for your vote. It may feel as though your vote is insignificant in the big scheme of things but your voice will count for something in the election. Even if you vote for ‘none of the above’ you still have the opportunity to change our Government and it’s policies.

Politicians HAVE to care

Us young folks are the future. We are the people who will legitimise the future Government and back their decisions for change. As much as we believe they don’t care about us, they kind of have to. They have a predisposition to win us over and subsequently, get our votes! Every vote counts remember. (Hence Lib Dem’s Rent to Buy scheme for young people who NEED to get on the property ladder)

Represent YO’

If more people were to vote, our Government would be a lot more representative of the majority of Britain. People complain our Government is full of privileged boys who know nothing of the people they act to stand for, yet if you don’t vote, how ill this every change? If we don’t like something, we need to speak up and make ourselves heard. We need more woman in politics and ethnic minorities. How can we make this happen if we don’t express our views through our ballet papers?

SO, get your butts down to the ballet station on the 7th May, OK?!


Me when I hear people aren’t voting.