KeraStraight: Testing, Testing, 1,2,3.

Companies are constantly finding ways to develop and improve their products. Even when a company has produced a successful  and much loved product, they will still look to produce even better results.

Business is ever changing and it’s always good to be 10 steps ahead of anyone else in the market.

And that has never been more truthful in the beauty/hair industry, where developing products is an ongoing process , regardless of whether you’ve got your product spot on.

KeraStraight’s products are adored by salons and consumers alike. Their products and treatments are much raved about. The formulations work. So why would they need to be changed?

Jez, KeraStraight’s MD is always looking for ways to go that step further. Adding an extra ingredient or proces to a product that works well can make it even better.

I got to sit in a testing day with Jez who was trying out reformulations of the much loved Intense Boost, a protein and moisture mask treatment that hydrates, repairs and renews the hair. It’s a fantastic treatment (I had the treatment myself the other week, so I’ll do a post about the treatment itself) that can be used on every hair type and is also fantastic to use on newly colored hair to produce shiny and moisturized hair.

Jez tested the reformulated Intense Boost (with a new extra ingredient) alongside the original to see what changes had been made and the results the new formula left on the hair in comparison to the original product.

Pinpointing what you don’t like about the re-formulation rather then what you do like can allow you quicker gains as it’s easier to make comparisons against the original this way and extract any changes that have not improved the former product.

When testing new formulations, up to 4 different formulas will be placed in separate sections of the same hair. This allows the KeraStraight team to compare each section of hair against the other.

Jez looks for which formulation produces the best results, and this means analyzing the product throughout the treatment’s process, from the application to the hair styling.

Analyzing and monitoring all aspects of the product will also give Jez a wider range of information to feed back to the factory so that changes can be made appropriately.

The formulation is testing and analysed for different properties. These include:

Texture (this is not just the product itself but how it feels on the hair)

The amount of product used to get results 

How it makes the hair feel and look overall

How it dries into the hair and of course, the overall results.

The smallest change in the formulation can make a big difference in all aspects of the treatment so it’s always important that the KeraStraight team analyse the product throughout it’s application and for a time period after.

Intense Boost can last up to 30 days in the hair so the people who have tried the new formula will feed back to Jez over that period of time to see how the hair changes.

With the Intense Boost Testing, Jez was looking for the hair to hold more moisture yet not look or feel too heavy.

When monitoring the treatment during the testing process, he kept this brief in mind so that he knew what it was he wanted to new formulation to achieve.

Models with different hair types can be really helpful during product testing as every treatment will work differently depending on the style and type of hair you have.

Jez saw that the newer formulation gave more substance to the hair. This type of information can be sent back to the factory. It can take many months to get a re-formulation just right. Changes to the amount or type of ingredients will need to be retested until KeraStraight are closer to the perfect product.

When the formulation is just right, it will take another step in it’s testing. It is sent off to KeraStraight’s very own art team, who trial and test the products themselves and feedback to the KeraStraight team.

It was a great opportunity be able to see how in depth and precise KeraStraight’s testing is for their products and treatments.

It makes sense how their products are such a high quality and standard.

Being the DM Apprentice I had to write up a blog post about this! So many people are interested in what goes into their beauty products and how they are tested for the best results, so I hope you found this post informative!

There will be lots of similar posts to come so keep an eye out!

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