A Week in the Life of a Digital Marketing Apprentice

So last week I completed my first week as a Digital Marketing Apprentice for a fantastic and successful company located near my home town called KeraStraight. If you haven’t already heard of this brand, KeraStraight sell high end hair treatments and products to salons and online, which makes unruly hair manageable and gorgeous (think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) .  They sell some AMAZING products and it’s really exciting to have the opportunity to get on board and work for such a creative and fabulous company (may I also add to any beauty bloggers who are conscious about the ingredients in their skin/hair products, rest assured that KeraStraight have strict health and safety regulations which mean they do not use nasty ingredients like some other companies who sell Keratin based straightening products, such as formaldehyde, and instead use protein to strengthen and straighten hair)

I was given the opportunity to become a Digital Marketing Apprentice by a college in MK called 3AAA. They specialize in Digital marketing and IT based apprentices and contacted me through the Government Apprenticeship database after I specified the type of apprenticeship I was looking for. They are a really experienced and professional college who will find employees for businesses according to their skills and experience, so that they known the individual will be suited to the role.

When I was offered the job I was so happy! Anyone who has experience of the media industry knows it’s a competitive market, even when you have all the required skills, so to be given the chance to not only work in the media industry but also within such a prestigious company is amazing. I hope to put all my skills into place. Because of my qualifications in Creative Media and my experience of media based voluntary jobs (I was an editor/journalist for my college’s magazine and a Facebook admin for a party planning company) as well as having various freelance jobs (such as created a promotional video for a local business) I feel this is the perfect role for me.

My first week was very informative and allowed me to understand the business on a personal level. I got to meet some of the fantastic and creative people who work for the company, who gave me a warm welcome and put my nerves at ease.

The first few days I got to learn about the treatments and products that KeraStraight have to offer. The company offer two professional treatments, KS Ultimate, their original treatment which helps to straighten and make hair more manageable, helping to keep it healthy in the long run as you’ll be less likely to use heat on the hair to style. For those who like their hair type but are looking for healthier, softer and shinier hair, KeraStraight offers Ultimate Boost, which conditions the hair, leaving it silky smooth and beautiful to touch.

The company also have some amazing home care products which you can use in your everyday routine such as the Ultimate Oil, which has a blend of 9 oils which nourish, repair and hydrate hair to give it beautiful shine, the Moisture Mist, used to style hair but leave it hydrated at the same time, and Heat Protection Spray which is perfect for the summer months to protect hair against UV damage as well as many more luxurious, high end products. When looking at the products and treatments I was able to research extensively into how each worked and which products could work in conjunction to create the perfect hair. I got to have a feel of the texture of each product as well as the smell (FYI- the smell of the products are LUSH! It’s like wearing perfume and Jez, the founder and MD of KeraStraight, searched high and low for the perfect scents so that each product was an all round amazing experience). I can’t wait to try and use the products in my future hair care regime.

After researching and understanding the products the company offer, I then got signed in to the social media accounts so I could navigate and see how KeraStraight use sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market their products and stay in contact with their customers. It’s great to be part of a company who have so much care to their customers and will go above and beyond to assist them.

I also work alongside a copywriter who I met in my first week and will be working with to come up with new blog content. I also work closely with the company’s PR team so that I am up to date on the many events and award ceremonies that KeraStraight get invited to in a calender year. I am also supported/guided by John, who is the Director of Operations and Technical whiz! The other members of the Team (Sarah and Martina) are also really helpful and supportive.

Much of my first week has been researching into the company, optimizing social accounts and different types of marketing strategies which allows me to put the information I have learnt from the start of my Level 3 Digital Marketing Course into practice. I have learnt a great deal about marketing within large companies and how valuable digital marketing is for brand awareness by seeing how KeraStraight have used digital resources previously to run campaigns, inform customers of their products and stay in contact with associated brands/salons.

It’s such an interesting and exciting industry for anyone who is creative and knowledgeable of social media within business. Digital is the future for most businesses who are looking for national/global domination and allows them to keep their marking current and ahead of competitors who offer the same products/services.

Apprenticeships are so valuable as they allow you to not only learn on the job, gaining work experience in your chosen industry, but gain a qualification at the same time, so you are still always learning and maintaining new knowledge.

I would highly recommend looking into apprenticeships as an alternative to higher education. I will write a specific post with information about gaining an apprenticeship in the next few weeks for anyone who would be interested.

I really look forward to working with the KeraStraight team and will keep you posted!

Georgia ox


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