The Intense Boost Experience

Weak and damaged. No, I’m not talking about your ex, I’m talking bout your hair!

Not specifically your hair obviously. Your’s might be really shiny and healthy! But for those that aren’t so lucky, Intense Boost in the way forward.

The 30 minute treatment created by KeraStraight is one of the most popular hair treatments around. It’s an intense conditioning and repairing treatment that lasts up to 30 days, producing renewed, repaired and re-hydrated hair from the inside out. It’s perfect for anyone who finds that their dry and damaged hair ruins their mornings.

I don’t know about you, but shiny, healthy looking hair has always been a goal for me so when I was offered the chance to try out the treatment, I jumped at it!

Intense Boost was formulated to work alongside KeraStraight’s better known KS Ultimate treatment to add extra moisture and shine to the hair. It’s a great stand alone treatment also and can also be used after coloring your hair (which is great for anyone who bleaches their hair and finds their hair feels/looks very dry and damaged).

I had the treatment by itself. What’s so fantastic about this treatment is it uses two of KeraStraight’s existed products, the protein and moisture mask, to create amazing results. This means that you can purchase the masks from a KeraStraight stockists to use at home and can prolong healthy hair for even longer!

These two elements to the treatment both offer different benefits but when put together, give the best results.

The Protein Boost is what strengthens the hair with added softness. It uses an advanced blend of hydrolyzed wheat proteins which deliver the strength and repair the hair from the inside out.

The Moisture Boost delivers the lightweight hydration to the hair for luxurious shine.

I got my Intense Boost done at WOW hairdressers, Bedfordshire and the whole experience was really lovely! It’s certainly worth adding another 30 minutes to your average cut and blow dry next time you go to the hair dressers. Here’s a run down of what to expect when you get an Intense Boost:

The Treatment Process

Stage One: 

First of all, your hair will be washed with Pre-Treatment Cleanser twice. Unlike your average shampoo, this deep cleans your hair (think face cleansers) and takes out any existing product build up. It also opens up the hair cuticles which makes it easier for the treatment  to penetrate into the hair and also softens it so it is prepped for the next stage.

Stage Two:

The hair is then sectioned and the treatment is applied to each part of the hair.

Stage Three:

This is where the science happens. The treatment is dried into the hair 100% with a rough blow dry (it can be straightened into the hair as well) which seals and locks the product into the hair. The protein boost has a ‘popcorn effect’- a built in cortex created as hair dries to 100 per cent stage.

Stage Four: 

The hair is then rinsed thoroughly.

Stage Five: 

The hair is styled to your choice. I like big, bouncy hair so volume is a must. Gina, Business Development Manager at KeraStraight, applied my treatment and styled me hair and BOY was I pleased with the results:


My hair has never looked so healthy and revitalized! I thought that hair this shiny and manageable wasn’t as accessible as the magazines make out until I had this treatment. I just can’t put into words how pleased I am with the results.

The treatment itself is worth £30 which is an investment when you think that the treatment lasts 30 days, leaving your hair as silky smooth and shiny as the girls on the front of the hair magazines!

Your dream hair is actually possible with this treatment. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to give their hair an extra ‘boost’, regardless of whether your hair is currently damaged or dry. This treatment makes the world of difference and I can honestly say my hair has never looked so good! No more frizz and more manageable locks are always a bonus in my eyes!

Check the Salon Finder on the KeraStraight website for your nearest KS Salon:


Georgia xo

Digital Marketing

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Social Media for Business

There are often unwritten rules to how you should conduct yourself on a businesses social media account. Many businesses (especially ones of corporate size) will have ‘Rules and Regulations’ for their staff written down on paper.

Obviously, a business isn’t going to be using social media for the same reasons you might use it in your personal time so it’s important to have rules in place in order for a business to keep a professional tone.

For example, it’s not going to look very professional if a big company, say McDonald’s for example, have Bill from Marketing posting pictures of cute cat videos on the official Facebook site.

Businesses need to know that their social media is reflective of the way they conduct themselves as a whole. Social media in business must be relevant, informative and most importantly, professional.

If you work for a smaller business or have a business of your own which doesn’t have specific rules on how to behave in the digital world, I’ve got a few tips for you on what you should and shouldn’t do when running social media pages for business purposes:


Do be relevant 

All you posts should be relevant to the product/service you provide. As much as we all love a funny meme once and a while, it may not be appropriate for a business such as a solicitors, where seriousness is key. Understand the tone of your business. It’s fine to post ‘fun’ or ‘personal’ content if it relates back to your business. For example;


This meme would be perfect for a printing business if captioned correctly ‘Fed up of your printer playing games? Why not give us a call at Printing Limited’

So keep all your posts suitable for your page. You want your audience to accumulate knowledge and understanding about your business and what they do.

Do encourage engagement 

Engagement is one of the most important factors in determining the success of a business. If you go on a business page that has 5 likes and no posts from customers/clients, you are going to assume they aren’t very established, leading to you taking your business elsewhere.

Engagement also allows you to communicate with your audience, giving a more ‘human’ side to your business. You can also retrieve feedback quickly and deal with situations a lot faster if your customers regularly interact on your social media.

Deal with customer’s complaints instantly and in positive way. It will be seen by other customers and give your business a great reputation. Always reply to your customer’s inquiries.

Without emphasis on engagement through social media, customers may go to other sites to complain which can’t be as well monitored or dealt with accordingly.

Speak to your customers and let them know you care. They will trust you and want to come back time and time again.


Do be consistent

Post regularly as not to lose your customers/clients interest. You must keep yourselves fresh in the minds of the people. If you don’t post enough, people are going to forget about you.

You might end up like Larry Loner, sitting at the bus stop all day, no one ever stopping to give you a lift, your only friends a bunch of feral cats who get more attention then you do!

OK, maybe not that far, but people will get bored. Keep your posts exciting.

Facebook should be updated a minimum of 3 times a week. If you can, post at least twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon) so that you will always appear on customers/clients Facebook feed at the busiest time of the day.

A lot of businesses will post up to 5 times a day, so they will always gain a high reach for their content and their customers can see how dedicated they are to their sites. Other social media’s like Twitter should be updated more regularly as it’s time frame isn’t as long as Facebook’s.


Do be polite and helpful 

Be nice to your customers. Even if someone is complaining about your business, this will give you the chance to act in a positive way and show other customers you can deal with complaints in the correct manner and you care about what your customer thinks of you.

Always try your hardest to help people out, even if it means directing them or having to explain in detail, you should always show interest in the customer/client and what they an inquiring about.

When I have received great customer service on social media I have remembered it. Being helpful and polite will allow you to stay in peoples minds as they will remember the amazing service you provided. They are more likely to use your business in the future and recommend you to friends.


Do be aware 

Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT accidentally post a personal status on your business site. By personal I mean the sort of thing you’d write drunk as a skunk in the early hours of a Saturday morning. It’s an easy thing to do, especially if you run your business page from your personal site. Make sure you are posting as yourself when you post personal statuses.

You don’t want your customers to think you unprofessional when you share a naked picture of Kim K on your business page by accident.



Don’t post discriminating or offensive content 

I don’t need to explain this! You should know what is offensive!

Don’t retaliate to ‘trolls’ 

The haters are gonna’ hate. And you’ve just got to shake them off!

Don’t forget who your audience is

Don’t post content that your customer’s can’t relate to! If your customers are middle aged they aren’t going to care about who’s sleeping with who in Geordie Shore.

Don’t breach confidentiality 

Don’t share private info about your business or your customer on social media! This isn’t Gossip Girl and this kind of blunder could see your business having legal action taken against them!

Georgia XO



KeraStraight: Testing, Testing, 1,2,3.

Companies are constantly finding ways to develop and improve their products. Even when a company has produced a successful  and much loved product, they will still look to produce even better results.

Business is ever changing and it’s always good to be 10 steps ahead of anyone else in the market.

And that has never been more truthful in the beauty/hair industry, where developing products is an ongoing process , regardless of whether you’ve got your product spot on.

KeraStraight’s products are adored by salons and consumers alike. Their products and treatments are much raved about. The formulations work. So why would they need to be changed?

Jez, KeraStraight’s MD is always looking for ways to go that step further. Adding an extra ingredient or proces to a product that works well can make it even better.

I got to sit in a testing day with Jez who was trying out reformulations of the much loved Intense Boost, a protein and moisture mask treatment that hydrates, repairs and renews the hair. It’s a fantastic treatment (I had the treatment myself the other week, so I’ll do a post about the treatment itself) that can be used on every hair type and is also fantastic to use on newly colored hair to produce shiny and moisturized hair.

Jez tested the reformulated Intense Boost (with a new extra ingredient) alongside the original to see what changes had been made and the results the new formula left on the hair in comparison to the original product.

Pinpointing what you don’t like about the re-formulation rather then what you do like can allow you quicker gains as it’s easier to make comparisons against the original this way and extract any changes that have not improved the former product.

When testing new formulations, up to 4 different formulas will be placed in separate sections of the same hair. This allows the KeraStraight team to compare each section of hair against the other.

Jez looks for which formulation produces the best results, and this means analyzing the product throughout the treatment’s process, from the application to the hair styling.

Analyzing and monitoring all aspects of the product will also give Jez a wider range of information to feed back to the factory so that changes can be made appropriately.

The formulation is testing and analysed for different properties. These include:

Texture (this is not just the product itself but how it feels on the hair)

The amount of product used to get results 

How it makes the hair feel and look overall

How it dries into the hair and of course, the overall results.

The smallest change in the formulation can make a big difference in all aspects of the treatment so it’s always important that the KeraStraight team analyse the product throughout it’s application and for a time period after.

Intense Boost can last up to 30 days in the hair so the people who have tried the new formula will feed back to Jez over that period of time to see how the hair changes.

With the Intense Boost Testing, Jez was looking for the hair to hold more moisture yet not look or feel too heavy.

When monitoring the treatment during the testing process, he kept this brief in mind so that he knew what it was he wanted to new formulation to achieve.

Models with different hair types can be really helpful during product testing as every treatment will work differently depending on the style and type of hair you have.

Jez saw that the newer formulation gave more substance to the hair. This type of information can be sent back to the factory. It can take many months to get a re-formulation just right. Changes to the amount or type of ingredients will need to be retested until KeraStraight are closer to the perfect product.

When the formulation is just right, it will take another step in it’s testing. It is sent off to KeraStraight’s very own art team, who trial and test the products themselves and feedback to the KeraStraight team.

It was a great opportunity be able to see how in depth and precise KeraStraight’s testing is for their products and treatments.

It makes sense how their products are such a high quality and standard.

Being the DM Apprentice I had to write up a blog post about this! So many people are interested in what goes into their beauty products and how they are tested for the best results, so I hope you found this post informative!

There will be lots of similar posts to come so keep an eye out!

Georgia ox


A Week in the Life of a Digital Marketing Apprentice

So last week I completed my first week as a Digital Marketing Apprentice for a fantastic and successful company located near my home town called KeraStraight. If you haven’t already heard of this brand, KeraStraight sell high end hair treatments and products to salons and online, which makes unruly hair manageable and gorgeous (think Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) .  They sell some AMAZING products and it’s really exciting to have the opportunity to get on board and work for such a creative and fabulous company (may I also add to any beauty bloggers who are conscious about the ingredients in their skin/hair products, rest assured that KeraStraight have strict health and safety regulations which mean they do not use nasty ingredients like some other companies who sell Keratin based straightening products, such as formaldehyde, and instead use protein to strengthen and straighten hair)

I was given the opportunity to become a Digital Marketing Apprentice by a college in MK called 3AAA. They specialize in Digital marketing and IT based apprentices and contacted me through the Government Apprenticeship database after I specified the type of apprenticeship I was looking for. They are a really experienced and professional college who will find employees for businesses according to their skills and experience, so that they known the individual will be suited to the role.

When I was offered the job I was so happy! Anyone who has experience of the media industry knows it’s a competitive market, even when you have all the required skills, so to be given the chance to not only work in the media industry but also within such a prestigious company is amazing. I hope to put all my skills into place. Because of my qualifications in Creative Media and my experience of media based voluntary jobs (I was an editor/journalist for my college’s magazine and a Facebook admin for a party planning company) as well as having various freelance jobs (such as created a promotional video for a local business) I feel this is the perfect role for me.

My first week was very informative and allowed me to understand the business on a personal level. I got to meet some of the fantastic and creative people who work for the company, who gave me a warm welcome and put my nerves at ease.

The first few days I got to learn about the treatments and products that KeraStraight have to offer. The company offer two professional treatments, KS Ultimate, their original treatment which helps to straighten and make hair more manageable, helping to keep it healthy in the long run as you’ll be less likely to use heat on the hair to style. For those who like their hair type but are looking for healthier, softer and shinier hair, KeraStraight offers Ultimate Boost, which conditions the hair, leaving it silky smooth and beautiful to touch.

The company also have some amazing home care products which you can use in your everyday routine such as the Ultimate Oil, which has a blend of 9 oils which nourish, repair and hydrate hair to give it beautiful shine, the Moisture Mist, used to style hair but leave it hydrated at the same time, and Heat Protection Spray which is perfect for the summer months to protect hair against UV damage as well as many more luxurious, high end products. When looking at the products and treatments I was able to research extensively into how each worked and which products could work in conjunction to create the perfect hair. I got to have a feel of the texture of each product as well as the smell (FYI- the smell of the products are LUSH! It’s like wearing perfume and Jez, the founder and MD of KeraStraight, searched high and low for the perfect scents so that each product was an all round amazing experience). I can’t wait to try and use the products in my future hair care regime.

After researching and understanding the products the company offer, I then got signed in to the social media accounts so I could navigate and see how KeraStraight use sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market their products and stay in contact with their customers. It’s great to be part of a company who have so much care to their customers and will go above and beyond to assist them.

I also work alongside a copywriter who I met in my first week and will be working with to come up with new blog content. I also work closely with the company’s PR team so that I am up to date on the many events and award ceremonies that KeraStraight get invited to in a calender year. I am also supported/guided by John, who is the Director of Operations and Technical whiz! The other members of the Team (Sarah and Martina) are also really helpful and supportive.

Much of my first week has been researching into the company, optimizing social accounts and different types of marketing strategies which allows me to put the information I have learnt from the start of my Level 3 Digital Marketing Course into practice. I have learnt a great deal about marketing within large companies and how valuable digital marketing is for brand awareness by seeing how KeraStraight have used digital resources previously to run campaigns, inform customers of their products and stay in contact with associated brands/salons.

It’s such an interesting and exciting industry for anyone who is creative and knowledgeable of social media within business. Digital is the future for most businesses who are looking for national/global domination and allows them to keep their marking current and ahead of competitors who offer the same products/services.

Apprenticeships are so valuable as they allow you to not only learn on the job, gaining work experience in your chosen industry, but gain a qualification at the same time, so you are still always learning and maintaining new knowledge.

I would highly recommend looking into apprenticeships as an alternative to higher education. I will write a specific post with information about gaining an apprenticeship in the next few weeks for anyone who would be interested.

I really look forward to working with the KeraStraight team and will keep you posted!

Georgia ox